How does the app work?

Our advanced algorithms are the result of many years of laborious development. Due to the incredibly valuable nature of our intellectual property, we cannot divulge the inner-workings of our product. We are also wary of what could happen if fish-duck conversion technology were to fall into the hands of a malicious actor or rogue state.

My fish wasn’t recognized

Detecting legitimate fish is both an art and a science – but primarily an art. We are forever improving our algorithm behind the scenes. In some cases, we choose to err on the side of caution, and reject legitimate fish due to safety concerns. We operate on the principle that receiving a duck in exchange for a non-fish would cheapen the experience for our users, so we set the threshold high. Nothing matches the unbridled joy of receiving a duck, so we want the experience to be as untainted as possible. If your fish fails validation, simply try again with another fish.

What happens to the fish I submit?

Your fish are stored by us in our state of the art facility.

I took a photo of a fish using the app, but it’s not on my camera roll

fish2duck is a fish-duck exchange service¬†– you submit fish in exchange for ducks. You can’t have your fish and duck it too; that’s just basic economics.¬†Much though we would like to allow you to retain your fish, we’re trying to operate a business here.

Who are you guys?

fish2duck is proudly brought to you by the team at Hogfish Labs.